sourmash tutorials and notebooks

The first three tutorials!

These tutorials are command line tutorials that should work on Mac OS X and Linux. They require about 5 GB of disk space and 5 GB of RAM.

Background and details

These next three tutorials are all notebooks that you can view, run yourself, or run interactively online via the binder service.

Advanced tutorials and more information

For more information on analyzing sequencing data with sourmash, check out our longer tutorial.

Read using sourmash taxonomy with the Life Identification Number (LIN) taxonomic framework for some of our newer taxonomic features.

If you are a Python programmer, you might also be interested in our API examples as well as a short guide to Using the LCA_Database API.

If you prefer R, we have a short guide to using sourmash output with R.

Customizing matrix and dendrogram plots in Python

If you’re interested in customizing the output of sourmash plot, which produces comparison matrices and dendrograms, please see Building plots from sourmash compare output.